Identifikasi Karakteristik Citra Berdasarkan pada Nilai Entropi dan Kontras

  • Bheta Agus Wardijono STMIK Jakarta STI&K
  • Lussiana ETP STMIK Jakarta STI&K
  • Rozi STMIK Jakarta STI&K
Keywords: image edge detection, image characteristics, regionization, entropy, contrast.



Determining the object boundaries in an image is a necessary process, to identify the boundaries of an object with other objects as well as to define an object in the image. The acquired image is not always in good condition, on the other hand there is a lot of noise and blur. Various edge detection methods have been developed by providing noise parameters to reduce noise, and adding a blur parameter but because these parameters apply to the entire image, but lossing some edges due to these parameters. This study aims to identify the characteristics of the image region, whether the region condition is noise, blurry or otherwise sharp (clear). The step is done by dividing the four regions from the image size, then calculating the entropy value and contrast value of each formed region. The test results show that changes in region size can produce different characteristics, this is indicated by entropy and contrast values ​​of each formed region. Thus it can be concluded that entropy and contrast can be used as a way to identify image characteristics, and dividing the image into regions provides more detailed image characteristics.



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B. A. Wardijono, Lussiana ETP, and Rozi, “Identifikasi Karakteristik Citra Berdasarkan pada Nilai Entropi dan Kontras”, JACOST, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 18 - 23, Jun. 2021.
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