Penerapan Face Recognition Pada Sistem Presensi

  • Andri Nugraha Ramdhon Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Bandung
  • Fadly Febriya Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Bandung
Keywords: Attendance System, Face Detection, Face Recognition, IP CCTV, Python.


The development of digital image technology is increasing nowadays. However, the use of image technology on surveillance cameras has not been optimally utilized. On the other hand, the various presence data monitoring systems that currently exist have their respective advantages and disadvantages, and need to be continuously developed so as to facilitate the data processing. The student attendance system at STT Bandung is basically good but it is still not optimal. The process of collecting student attendance data is still quite time-consuming and still allows human errors to occur in the data input process. Therefore, the author intends to help overcome this by utilizing face recognition technology in an integrated presence process. LBPH (Local Binary Pattern Histogram) is currently the best method in face recognition technology because the detection and recognition process is relatively fast and has the highest level of accuracy when compared to other methods. After testing the resilience of the system from the results of the prototyping that was built, the results obtained with a success rate of 86.85%.


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