Developing Technology Center Of Excellence (COE), Center Of Heavy Equipment To Prepare Competent Heavy Equipment Mechanics And Operators

  • Abdul Hamid Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Mohammad Anas Fikri Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Ike Dayi Febriana Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Laily Ulfiyah Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Misbakhul Fatah Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Lukman Hadiwijaya Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Amin Jakfar Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Auliana Diah Wilujeng Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Annafiyah Annafiyah Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Faizatur Rohmah Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Abdul Hamid Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Ratna Ayu Pawestri K. D Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Septian Dwi Wijaya Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Nadiyah Ulfah Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Dimas Aryo Wicaksono Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Ghopal Ahmad Fachrudin Politeknik Negeri Madura
  • Eddy Harsono Politeknik Negeri Madura
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Keywords: Uptake of Vocational graduates, IPM Madura, PUT-CHE, Competent Human Resources


The low demand for vocational education graduates has led to high unemployment. The low demand for vocational education graduates has led to high unemployment. Vocational college graduates still need to be commensurate with industrial needs. Many Senior High School, Vocational High School, and Vocational College graduates have not been able to find a job for more than six months. Conditions on Madura island worsened this, and the lack of accelerated industrialization even after the Suramadu Bridge was built. Madura has the lowest Human Development Index (HDI) score in East Java. Data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Sampang in Figures 2021) shows that the HDI value in 2020 only increased by 0.76 from 2019 of 62.70. Politeknik Negeri Madura (Poltera) together with PT. United Tractors and LSP ABI want to take an active role in improving Madura's HDI by preparing human resources on heavy equipment mechanics through the development of a centre of excellence for technology (PUT) of Heavy Equipment (CHE). Using the causal-comparative method, the researcher observed the impact of each stage on PUT-CHE development activities and reviewed the data to find causal factors and correlations. Poltera took a strategic step by equipping lecturers with virtual training on heavy equipment mechanics (SOBAT Program), organized by PT United Tractors. The SOBAT program has positively impacted heavy equipment engineering graduates in 2022, which has increased significantly. Academic data showed that 13 out of 34 heavy equipment mechanical engineering graduates were employed in leading heavy equipment industries before three months. Other data stated that three lecturers participating in Virtual Training on heavy equipment mechanics were selected as 50 interns at PT United Tractors.


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Hamid, A., Fikri, M. A., Febriana, I. D., Ulfiyah, L., Fatah, M., Hadiwijaya, L., Jakfar, A., Wilujeng, A. D., Annafiyah, A., Rohmah, F., Hamid, A., D, R. A. P. K., Wijaya, S. D., Ulfah, N., Wicaksono, D. A., Fachrudin, G. A., & Harsono, E. (2023). Developing Technology Center Of Excellence (COE), Center Of Heavy Equipment To Prepare Competent Heavy Equipment Mechanics And Operators. Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy, 3(1), 34-39.