The Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy (JAMERE) is intended as a medium for scientific studies resulting from research, thoughts and critical-analysis studies on research that focuses on mechanical engineering and technological or engineering innovation with a passion for disseminating the results of research thoughts that are of a nature mechanical technology, engineering and technological innovation as well as to support community service that is beneficial to society including as material for study and reference by academics in the field of mechanical engineering and engineering or technological innovation.


Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy (JAMERE) accepts scientific articles with the scope of research or scientific review articles in the field of science:

  1. Energy Convertion
  2. Manufacturing Materials
  3. Tribology and Engineering Design
  4. Production Process
  6. Metrology
  7. Computation
  8. Diagnosis Engine
  9. Design of Design
  10. Production Technique
  11. Fluid and Thermal Systems
  12. Energy Conversion System
  13. Materials
  14. Manufacturing system
  15. Composite
  16. Heavy Equipment
  17. Relevant study topics