"The Gade Creative Lounge" Corner: Collaboration between PT Pegadaian and the Universitas Padjadjaran Library in Supporting Student Academic Activities

  • Dita Srikandina Universitas Padjadjaran
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52158/jace.v4i1.743
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This research analyzes the positive impact of “The Gade Creative Lounge” corner as a result of collaboration between Universitas Padjadjaran and PT Pegadaian in supporting students' academic activities. The research aims to evaluate the benefits provided by this facility for academic activities and to understand the role of cross-sector collaboration in providing facilities to support academic activities. The research was conducted using descriptive qualitative methods to identify positive perceptions and contributions of this facility to students' academic activities, involving interviews with two librarians and a user of “The Gade Creative Lounge” corner. The results of the research indicate that “The Gade Creative Lounge’ corner has a positive influence in facilitating more in-depth and interactive academic discussions between students and the lecturer. The collaboration with PT Pegadaian in providing this space significantly contributes to strengthening educational infrastructure, enhancing the quality of the learning environment, and creating a conducive setting for students' academic development. This research highlights that collaboration between educational institutions and the public sector can play a significant role in improving the quality of education and providing a better learning experience for students. Therefore, encouraging cross-sector collaboration can be an effective strategy to enhance educational infrastructure and facilities.