Call for papers


Call paper Journal of JACE on the first publication in  April 2021, topic areas as follows:

  1. Community Services, Local Food Security;
  2. Training, Marketing, Appropriate Technology, Design;
  3. Community Empowerment, Social Access;
  4. Education for Sustainable Development.

Please submit your manuscript, which is written in Bahasa Indonesia or English, here

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Journal of Applied Community Engagement (JACE) or Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat is a peer-reviewed journal through which Higher Education Institution's faculty and community partners disseminate community service/ community engagement program. Community engagement means services to society, applying science and technology based on their field, increasing the capacity of society and community empowerment.

JACE devoted to promoting a culture of engagement between the Higher Education Institutions (HEI)  and the community through the creation, application, and integration of knowledge. JACE is multi-disciplinary, publishing quality, peer-reviewed empirical research articles, case studies,  implementation, of community engagement policy across disciplinary perspectives. Similarly, JACE welcomes all forms of analysis and methodologies.

JACE aims to publish case studies of HEI-community collaborations developed by university faculty, students, and/or community partners. The content of the journal should describe what the collaboration entailed, how it was formed, and how it operates, and the foundational values underlying the collaboration’s existence. Submissions should also make clear what each party gives to and receives from their contribution to the partnership. The authors should explain why they chose their particular method of engagement. Submissions for this section should demonstrate background research on similar partnerships, assessments, and the impact of such partnerships’ actions.

We are currently accepting manuscripts written both in English and Bahasa Indonesia for the first issue in June 2020.